A Review of Pycnogenol and Neurological Diseases

A Review of Pycnogenol and Neurological Diseases

Both of Dr. Russell Blaylock’s parents passed away from Parkinson’s Disease. Because of this he became motivated to get the factors behind this and other neurological diseases. He uncovered there are easy steps anyone may take to market repair of any damaged brain. You may already know, it is way better to do something to avoid or avoid destruction of any sort than it is to correct anything. What he found was that by minimizing free radical destruction, you promote brain blood circulation and energy which encourages repair. He also uncovered that not only Parkinson’s Disease, but also Alzheimer’s disease and Lou Gehrig’s disease have increased in much larger numbers than recently suspected. Around a million people are already battling Parkinson’s Disease and 50,000 are diagnosed yearly. Furthermore, he uncovered these disorders are actually attacking people in their 20s and 30s.

What he uncovered about these bad diseases holds true for most other diseases. Free radical destruction is linked to numerous devastating diseases, including cancers. Free radicals are all around us. We ingest a large number of them whenever we take a deep breath. If you smoking or are inhaling second hand-smoke, increase that shape by hundreds. If you don’t take precautionary action, they overwhelm your disease fighting capability and you feel number to whatever disease that comes.

Fortunately a few of our vitamin supplements, especially vitamin supplements “C” functions as scavengers free of charge radicals. Sadly, when they are being used to eliminate free radicals, these are destroyed as vitamin supplements and cannot do their designated job within you. This simple truth is one of the reason why you will need to supplement your daily diet with extra natural vitamins. But in case you supplement your daily diet with extra supplements, the additional vitamin supplements are inadequate to meet up with the body’s need.

My experience is the fact that although I used to be using a lot of natural supplements, they were there are not enough to avoid me from growing arthritis and attacks that almost wiped out me at years 58. It had been at that time in my own life once i uncovered the absolute need to use lots of antioxidants in my own daily nutritional program. Both joint disease and attacks cause swelling which is also one of the issues with neurological diseases.

A friend unveiled me to a particular mixture of Pycnogenol including a veg delivery system. The product immediately started mending the destruction being done by these maladies and the attacks finally disappeared permanently. Nearly all my arthritic symptoms were ended up within per month and all of those other symptoms were vanished a couple of months later. That’s not to say my own body is free from joint disease but it is help away. WHILE I stop using pycnogenol for just about any amount of time, a few of the arthritic areas become swollen.

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